Resilience of the VO membership vetting process

Mar 23, 2023, 12:00 PM
Conf. Room 1 (BHSS, Academia Sinica)

Conf. Room 1

BHSS, Academia Sinica

Oral Presentation Track 7: Network, Security, Infrastructure & Operations Network, Security, Infrastructure & Operations


Sven Gabriel (Nikhef/EGI)


This presentation reports on a series of exercises that checked the steps of the vetting process to gain VO membership for Check-in users. EGI Check-in accepts a range of identity providers on different trust levels, ranging from social media accounts where the identity provider can only guarantee that someone was in control of a mobile phone number or an email address.

Primary author

Baptiste Grenier (EGI Foundation)


Sven Gabriel (Nikhef/EGI)

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