Towards exascale science on Fugaku

Mar 22, 2023, 9:00 AM
Conf. Room 2 (BHSS, Academia)

Conf. Room 2

BHSS, Academia

Oral Presentation Keynote Speech II


Prof. Satoshi MATSUOKA (RIKEN)


Fugaku, one of the first 'exascale' supercomputers of the world, since the beginning production, has been one of the most important R&D infrastructure for Japan, especially in producing groundbreaking results to realize Japan's Society 5.0. Such results have been obtained by the immense power and versatility of Fugaku, allowing complex modern workloads involving not only classical physics simulations, but tight coupling with AI methods and its ability to handle Big Data, based on the standard software ecosystem. Efforts are underway for the successor of Fugaku, FugakuNEXT, to be deployed around 2029, as well as formulation of a hybrid infrastructure encompassing hybrid quantum-HPC computing.

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