DIRAC: OIDC/OAuth2 based security framework (Remote Presentation)

Mar 23, 2023, 1:30 PM
Conf. Room 2 (BHSS, Academia Sinica)

Conf. Room 2

BHSS, Academia Sinica

Oral Presentation Track 5: Virtual Research Environment (including tools, services, workflows, portals, … etc.) VRE


Andrei Tsaregorodtsev (CPPM-IN2P3-CNRS)


The DIRAC Interware is the framework for building distributed computing systems which allows to integrate various kinds of computing and storage resources in a transparent way from the user’s perspective. Up until recently, the client communications with DIRAC were based on a custom protocol using X.509 PKI certificates. Following the recent move towards OIDC/OAuth2 based security infrastructure, the DIRAC client/server protocol was enhanced to support both proxy certificates and tokens. The new framework has components for user authentication and authorization with respect to the DIRAC services. It also has a Token Manager service for maintaining long-living tokens needed to support asynchronous operations on the user’s behalf. The tokens now can be used to access computing resources such as HTCondorCE and ARC Computing Elements as well as cloud sites. Enabling access to the storage resources is also in the development.
In this contribution we will describe the architecture of the DIRAC security framework and details of its implementation and usage in dedicated or multi-community DIRAC services.

Primary authors

Andrei Tsaregorodtsev (CPPM-IN2P3-CNRS) Mr Andrii Lytovchenko (CPPM-IN2P3-CNRS)

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